Console Sinks - Information

Console Sinks and other spindle leg sinks are designed to give ample counter space without giving up the simple elegance of a designer sink. A favorite among designers and decorators, console sinks offer many bathroom advantages:

Why would I choose a Console Sink?

People chose to install a console sink for either style or to create space. As a centerpiece to the bathroom, spindle leg console sinks offer interesting design options: a touch of France, old Italy, or the look of the deep South. Once you install your console sink, the rest of your bathroom design will fall into place.

Why would I not choose a Console Sink?

Console Sinks offer more counter space in any bathroom, but offer less space in your bath area in general. For some, this loss of space is a great disadvantage. Unlike smaller sinks with less counter space, Console Sinks are not designed for small areas. In choosing a Console Sink, think carefully about the layout of your bathroom.

What are Console Sinks made of?

Console Sinks can be made of a variety of materials including stainless steel, glass, stone & china. Many experts recommend Grade A Vitreous China as it is durable, hard, & easy to clean. Grade A Vitreous China is the most traditional material for a Console Sink. Known for its extreme durability yet delicate gloss, it is found in many fine establishments worldwide. Those with a greater budget might opt for a hand carved stone spindle leg console sink. It is important to remember that "stone is not glass." No matter how much you polish stone, it will never be as completely smooth as glass or china. In addition, no two stone sinks will look exactly alike.

What about Console Sinks with Metal Legs?

Our metal legs are made from durable brass tubing with either a polished brass or chrome finish. These legs can take more punishment than Grade A Vitreous China legs. This is good to consider if you have children or even large dogs in the home.